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Below are thumbnail pictures of NEW (but old stock) concert and marching band arrangements for sale that I obtained from a defunct music store. When you click a file, your browser should open a new tab with a picture of a "box" of music for viewing; OR if you prefer, for later viewing/printing, you can save the picture as a file to your computer by opposite clicking (right click) the picture you wish to download and a drop-down menu should appear. Choose "Save Link As . . ." or "Save Target As . . ." and a box (or small window) should appear. At the bottom, change the file's name if you wish and finally at the top, choose where to save the file. Be sure to note where you save each file.

I will price these at least 10% lower than what you'd pay thru JW Pepper (shipping is free) and can only accept PayPal for payment. For pricing, further info or pics of one or more pages of a score, contact me at

NOTE - Some of the music jackets are torn or the edges frayed and some of the edges of the music may be slightly bent or discolored due to storage and/or age. It is also possible that one or more of multiple parts (ex. 2 of the 6 flute parts) may be missing and/or that the original music store loaned this out on approval whereby the director passed out for reading by a group and individuals made pencil (possibly pen) markings on one or more parts. If this matters, I can personally check for damaged/missing/marked parts.

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Concert Band 1

Concert Band 2

Concert Band 3

Concert Band 4

Concert Band 5

Concert Band 6

Concert Band 7

Concert Band 8

Concert Band 9

Concert Band 10

Concert Band 11

Concert Band 12

Concert Band 13

Concert Band 14

Concert Band 15

Concert Band 16

Concert Band 17

Concert Band 18

Concert Band 19

Concert Band 20

Concert Band 21

Concert Band 22

Concert Band 23

Concert Band 24

Concert Band 25

Concert Band 26

Concert Band 27

Concert Band 28

Concert Band 29

Marching Band 1

Marching Band 2

Marching Band 3

Marching Band 4

Marching Band 5

Marching Band 6

Marching Band 7

Marching Band 8

Marching Band 9

Additionally, I have the following instruments for sale. For further info or additional pics, contact me

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